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To go outside of a bar or restaurant where you can't smoke and hang out with other fellow smokers while you flirt with them.

smoking + flirting
Goddammit, Silvia we need to get out of here and do some smirting.
by Silvia San Martin April 10, 2005
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The act of flirting with someone while smoking outside a pub
Met this dope chick last night while smirting outside the Belle Vue, got her number and she's hot for me to give her a bell!
by Richard Brooks October 02, 2007
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A term for those engaging in smoking and flirting at the same time. Particularly used in countries where a smoking ban in public places has been enforced.
Two people in a bar,
Person 1: I'm just going outside.
Person 2: OK, no problem.
Person 1: I might be a while, I'm going for some smirting, there are some fitties here tonight. Get the drinks in!
Person 2: Cheeky bugger!
by Peggyinnit February 06, 2010
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