Sexy MotherFucker I'd Like to Fuck
Damn he is a smilf.

Id like to do him.
by Wsulover June 20, 2011
Soon-to-be-Mother I'd Like to Fuck

A woman that is pregnant, yet is still smoking hot.
Our Geography professor is one hot SMILF.
by robertbebs January 18, 2011
Straight Man I'd Like to Fuck. Used primarily by gay men for fantasy purposes.
Andrew: Kevin is such a smilf; I wish he were gay.
by dcmdcmdcmdcmdcm October 11, 2008
Single moms I wanna fuck or Single moms in late forties/fifties.
Smilf is a hot mom that is single w/kids. Also a hot woman in her 40's/50's.
by Breejock September 16, 2007
Senior Mother I'd Like to Fuck
"Dude, check out the smilf in the frozen food section."
by BrendanBien March 30, 2008
Son and mom I'd like to fuck
When a hot young bat shit crazy girl becomes a lesbian lover with an older attractive female and then sleeps with her son and he knocks her up. This combination is known as smilf.
by Krista Gable July 18, 2010
broken smile

This can represent either a half hearted attempt to smile
A faked smile to hide your true emotions
I was depressed and my attempt at smiling was no more than a SMILF.

I SMILF'd at that jerk Joe who thinks he's my friend even though I publicly dislike him.
by xkcd42 February 26, 2009

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