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Dads I wanna fuck! or Dads in late forties/fifties.
A Dilf is a dad who is cool,in shape, trendy, single/married and has a child. Age isn't an issue for the father in mind.
Makes dads sexier to various groups of women.
by Breejock September 16, 2007
A glazed donut is when a guy ejaculates semen on a woman's anal hole and smears it around thsu creating a glazed donut effect.
I gave her a glazed donut and her girlfriend ate it.
by Breejock October 07, 2007
Single moms I wanna fuck or Single moms in late forties/fifties.
Smilf is a hot mom that is single w/kids. Also a hot woman in her 40's/50's.
by Breejock September 16, 2007
A Taco Bell Mom or TBM is a mom hitting on another mom's husband inside of taco bell.
Usually started with a stare down and proceded with smiles, hair swooshing and laughter to draw attention from the dad while the other mom rolls her eyes.
Beware dad's of the TBM's...they're out to getcha.
I saw this Taco Bell Mom (TBM) and my daughter looked up and kicked me.
by Breejock October 07, 2007

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