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SMILF, or Smurf MILF, is a word commonly used to describe an awesome, attractive collegiate woman that is short, like a Smurf, without kids that strives to be a mom, doing this by becoming the mother figure to friends that are a couple of years younger than her. Even though she wants to be the mother figure of her younger friends, or "kids," she also strives to be young again herself, attempting to live vicariously through her "kids." SMILFs can be found on many college campuses around the world, bringing joy and comfort to all those around.
"SMILF is so fucking cool, lets go hang out with her and pregame at her apartment."

Kid 1: "You think SMILF will let my girlfriend and I spend the night at her apartment tonight since we can't in the dorms?"
Kid 2: "Of course dude, she's fucking awesome!"
by Froshy February 04, 2010

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