a super milf, imagine a milf, then think of someone 10times higher on the scale
1. mate your mums fit
2. yeah shes a milf
3. oi fuck off
1.no, shes a s-milf!
by ilovesmilf March 26, 2009
Step-mother I'd like (to) fuck. Usually named Danneel, and fun-sized.
Josh: DAMN!! Look over there, see her? John: Yeah holy shit, she's got 2 kids with her too. Josh: Man I'm out then. John: My Smilf senses are tingling! *John then leeps into action*
by masta jay March 09, 2009
Like to

you can only be a smilf if you have 2 kids and u are already super hot, use this word wisely you cant just be throwing it around.
damn she has banging legs and 2 kids she is a perfect smilf
by Cpt.Smash May 07, 2011
Smilf: Based on the common phrase, "milf" (meaning "mom I'd like to f***"), a smilf is a single mom I'd like to f***.

Smilf: Any woman who is of an older age category who has no spouse or lover, whom one is sexually attracted to.
Examples of Smilfs vary based on opinion of attractive women. Woman must be older. Woman does not necessarily have to be a mother.
by Lukewhoisallknowledgable October 14, 2009
A Sheeps mother I'd like to fuck. S.M.I.L.F
Arghhh, I saw Welshy's sheeps mom, I'd love to fuck that now!

What a sexy S.M.I.L.F she is!

Single moms I wanna fuck or Single moms in late forties/fifties.
Smilf is a hot mom that is single w/kids. Also a hot woman in her 40's/50's.
by Breejock September 16, 2007
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