Suck My Hymen.

It's the female version of SMD=Suck My Dick.
Guy: SMD bitch!

Girl: Stfu fonzie! SMH
by Young Fortinbras August 29, 2011
A slang term for "So Much Hype"
Person 1 "That party was so awesome!"
Person 2 "It was ok...smh"
by Mack status February 08, 2011
An acronym, short for So Much Haters. Used primarily when one is facing the opposition of too many negative haters and you just gotta shrug em off. Classic #dontletnobody #holdyoudown.
Dom: Like all I wanted to do was get some becky in the shower stall, and Pooja got all pissed cuz it was with her best friend?? She has no right, I mean I couldn't even get it up so it don't count!! SMH
by hamstrluvr3444 February 06, 2011
A term only used by niggers which abbreviates "shaking my head." Nigs use it just to sound more hood. What really bothers me is when male nigs use it because i really only picture fat black lady nigs smh-ing at something.
Nigger 1: oh look! a white person!

Nigger 2: smh...
by dont hate whites u nigs January 29, 2011
Internet acronym for "steal my hourglass," as in "you are wasting my time."
I don't know why I stay with you, Martha. All you do is smh.
by lawlful January 26, 2011

a lot like FML: fuck my life
ken: I have 3 tests tomorrow! ugh i have to study so hard!
Elan: don't even talk.. i have 5 tests tomorrow!! SMH
by ccrayray January 19, 2011
satisf(y,ied,ies,ing,ied) my hunger
A snickers really smh
by Knowledge leads to success October 27, 2010

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