So many haters.
by toeofcamel January 01, 2011
Stole My Heart
Alice; You're heartless! )':
Steven; Because you SMH <3 but don't give it back pl0x(:
by AliceLover November 16, 2010
SMH is an acronym that stand for "Signal Message Handling." SMH can be used when someone has sent an email and would like conformation that the email has been received.

SMH can also stand for "shaking my head." In this sense SMH can be used in the place of words such as disappointed or confused. SMH is the action that sometimes accompanies the feeling of disappointment or confusion.
Sally: Hey, I sent you the email about the report, SMH.

George: Ok, I'll check for it when I get home.
by acemanfromawesomeness November 03, 2010
satisf(y,ied,ies,ing,ied) my hunger
A snickers really smh
by Knowledge leads to success October 27, 2010
Shaking/Scratching My Head, often used on the Internet when in deep confusion about a certain subject.
Facebook Status: That guy on the street just handed me a piece of bread and walked SMH...
by The Narkizzle September 09, 2010
Shaking my head..(its just like LOL or ROFL)
Carl: dude look at this picture i posted.
Jhonny: why is there a ton of crap in the background???
Carl: i dont know man.
Jhonny: you tried though, u tried SMH
by eRoCQz July 03, 2010
**Shaking My Head**

(Originally created by

'BIG HEAD' in phx,az in 1987)
Valerie: omg rmtty about this past sb...
Michael: Smh..u use to many acronyms.

Valerie: LOL
by faatangibebe April 10, 2010

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