Suck my helmet
I wish Stacey would just stfu and smh
by SuperM5473 August 23, 2009
Suck my hamster
Person 1: Hey well you know what, you can suck my dick!
Person 2: Suck your dick?? Yeah well SMH!!!
Person 1: OH yeah?! Well..wait what?
by Anonymous Peasant December 17, 2010
meaning "shaking my head"
an acronym made up in a blog chat site by a user known as flyvince
Person1: hey whats up
Person2: nothing much i just ran into a pole and then laughed
by happy-go-lucky October 11, 2008
so much hate
this room is filled with smh
by shadymilkman July 19, 2009
Smoking my hookah
Josh: Yeah man.... I'm smh!
by smhgirllll July 07, 2010
An internet acronym for "Suck My Hair."
Used as a "take that!" type of thing.
Natalie: Omfg Zach you're such a g00b3r. Smh.

Zach: :*(
by natalie :* November 17, 2011
usually meaning
"shake my head" or "shaking my head"

people also think its

"santa monica highschool"

person #1 "yo dude wats crackin?"
person #2 "nothing just doing situps. i just hit my head with my knee going up"
person #1 "smh"

girl 1: "what school do you go to?"
girl 2: "i go to smh. and you?"
girl 1: *confused*
by SiNx3 June 24, 2009

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