smh = "Smacking my ho".
Used by young folks these days because abbreviations are all the rage.
Guy 1: "Ay brotha, whatchu doin' tonight?"
Guy 2: "You know, smh."
Guy 1: "Word."
by Farty Fran April 18, 2011
Short for "suck my hobo."
Used as a derogatory insult for people who piss you off.
Girl 1: "Nick Jonas is hot."
Girl 2: "Bitch, fuckin' smh. Nick Jonas has pubes on his head."
Girl 1: -Cries and runs away-
by Pyrodynamicc April 14, 2011
a text message abbreviation of Shaking My Head
Oh Hell No! She didn't just walk out of her house dressed in leopard tights and a sports bra....Damn! SMH
by E.T.-Ali April 05, 2011
So Mad Hated
I SMH (So Mad Hated) that science project.
by Too Old for this May 30, 2011
Stands for Sook Ma Hoop.

Scottish insult.
Literally "suck my arse"

Similar insults are: Sook ma root, Sook ma dick etc.
Person 1: Can I have a beer?
Person 2: You can smh, that's what you can do!
by Kvbbie January 19, 2012
When something or someone annoys/bothers a person, usually of African American backround, they "suck their teeth" making a "smh" sound. It's a sound that stands for aggravation and irritation. It is sometimes used as a self-defense mechanism if rejected.
A young man walks up to an attractive young girl asking for her number, she responds with a "no". The young man replies with "smh, you ain't cute anyway!"
by Cockaroach B December 06, 2009
Suck my helmet
I wish Stacey would just stfu and smh
by SuperM5473 August 23, 2009

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