An acronym, used in blogs such as "Bossip," which means shaking my head.
The columnist Ann Coulter and Jimmie, J.J., Walker arrived at the TV Land awards together, SMH.
by Metaview June 22, 2007
Meaning either "Suck My Hoe" or "Slap My Hoe" used when on person is angry at another and wants to fight so the person says SMH, and the angry person must slap his hoe (a.ka. bitch) or if someones in a sexual mood and is hitting on on person if that person says SMH, the sexual person must then suck his hoe.
Person 1: Come over here and fight me bitch!
Person 2: Well you can just SMH!
Person 1: *Slaps hoe
Person 1: Hey what up baby?!
Person 2: wtf do you want?
Person 1: I wanna fuck.
Person 2: *Sighs, smh
Person 1: *Sucks hoe
by stopthathoe November 27, 2011
So Many Hos (Ho plural)
This is usually used when girls are talking or starting drama in the presence of one or more guys
Girl 1: "And then she told me that he was sleeping with that bitch"

Girl 2: "I never thought she would do that"

Guy: "sMH"
by DaTweekaz October 30, 2011
A slang term for "So Much Hype"
Person 1 "That party was so awesome!"
Person 2 "It was ok...smh"
by Mack status February 08, 2011
Internet acronym for "steal my hourglass," as in "you are wasting my time."
I don't know why I stay with you, Martha. All you do is smh.
by lawlful January 26, 2011

a lot like FML: fuck my life
ken: I have 3 tests tomorrow! ugh i have to study so hard!
Elan: don't even talk.. i have 5 tests tomorrow!! SMH
by ccrayray January 19, 2011
satisf(y,ied,ies,ing,ied) my hunger
A snickers really smh
by Knowledge leads to success October 27, 2010
**Shaking My Head**

(Originally created by

'BIG HEAD' in phx,az in 1987)
Valerie: omg rmtty about this past sb...
Michael: Smh..u use to many acronyms.

Valerie: LOL
by faatangibebe April 10, 2010

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