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An acronym, used in blogs such as "Bossip," which means shaking my head.
The columnist Ann Coulter and Jimmie, J.J., Walker arrived at the TV Land awards together, SMH.
by Metaview June 22, 2007
168 292
Suck My Hymen.

It's the female version of SMD=Suck My Dick.
Guy: SMD bitch!

Girl: Stfu fonzie! SMH
by Young Fortinbras August 29, 2011
86 191
A term that niggers over-use. It stands for "Shaking my Head." It's really fucking annoying when they say it to white people. SMH? SMD
Nig Nog Chris: Dude you're really drinking again tonight? SMH

Tom: Suck my dick Chris
by niggers in my face :) May 29, 2011
77 182
shaking my head, but also can stand for stroking my hamster.
Leslie: Yo, you see that guy over there?
Arjun: Yeah man, he looks like a ninny.
Leslie: You just said ninny.
Arjun: Yeah...
Leslie: screw this, imma go smh
by robertbojangles May 11, 2011
138 244
So many haters.
by toeofcamel January 01, 2011
61 166
SMH is an acronym that stand for "Signal Message Handling." SMH can be used when someone has sent an email and would like conformation that the email has been received.

SMH can also stand for "shaking my head." In this sense SMH can be used in the place of words such as disappointed or confused. SMH is the action that sometimes accompanies the feeling of disappointment or confusion.
Sally: Hey, I sent you the email about the report, SMH.

George: Ok, I'll check for it when I get home.
by acemanfromawesomeness November 03, 2010
42 147
satisf(y,ied,ies,ing,ied) my hunger
A snickers really smh
by Knowledge leads to success October 27, 2010
32 137
Internet acronym for "suck my hooha" aka suck my vagina.
mandy: you're so hot unf! please smh ;)
chris: oh my god of course baby let's go up to my room and i'll show you ;)
by indiandyke69 November 14, 2012
151 257