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the best of the best; jesus like; the orgasmic pinnacle of anything
1. that crack was k1!

2. that crackwhore was k1!

3. your mom is k1..
by dr.poll February 27, 2004
Awesome stand up fighting (all strikes and kicks, and no grappling) league out of Japan.
Joe: Wow, that was some great MMA action, but why no grappling?
Scott: That's K-1, and grappling is so overrated anyway
Joe: True, who the fuck wants to see two dudes roll around in an armbar for what seems like an eternity?
Scott: NOT ME
by fanboys of anything suck dick February 02, 2009
Meaning anything awesome, or cool.
smoking weed is k1 am i rite
by hahawhat October 28, 2004
A close-knit group of that consists of (usually) male members. A group of this nature does everything together, including, but not limited to, eating, singing, and doing work. A member or a K1 or similar group never lets the other members of the group down. The K1 is short for your "1st Krew", meaning your closest group of friends, and is the first place that you go for advice.
Guy# 1: Dude, I was doing work on this chick, but I don't know what to do next.

His bro: yo, you should ask the K1.
by LawrenceW October 01, 2009
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