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(adj.) very sexy,usually describing something that's really cool,or skilled.
Joe,Russ,Dylan,Jimmy,Kelly and Summer are possibly the smexiest people ever.Fallout Boy is however,not smexy.Either is Katherine McIntyre.
by SMEXY MASTER! July 11, 2006
7 62
Smart and sexy. And in some cases, sexy and Mexican.
Chris is a smexy guy - he's got straight A's and he's ripped!
by Yuuki December 12, 2004
3178 1489
used to describe someone, something that is super sexy. its a cuter way of saying sexy.
he is absolutely smexy
by donna February 19, 2005
2065 1331
Smexy is a slang term of the word 'Sexy'. Commonly used be teenagers. Usually used in playfull, flirty conversation.
Sarah is looking very smexy today.
by wierd2041 April 25, 2006
1568 1142
1. It can mean smart and sexy or very sexy.
2. Or a cute way to call someone sexy. It usually refers to guys.
3. It's common in chatrooms/forums
"That guy with the glasses is so smexy"!
"Wow...he is just so smexy!"
by _answers_ December 01, 2007
787 592

Defining a person as sexy combined with being smart and sexy
Damn, that chick is freaking smexy
by calvinxbao August 08, 2009
247 127
Someone who is incredibly sexy. So much so, that they surpass the word "sexy," itself, therefore, becoming "smexy," which I like to think means "super major sexy."
Colton: Man, that girl is smexy!
Braiten: Yeah, we know, bro.
Chris: She's the super major sexy.
by The Girl of Your Dreams August 05, 2008
98 72
Sexy in a mexican kind of way.
Guy 1: Damn, Sarah is looking smexy today!

Guy 2: Yeah, that sombrero really seals the deal.
by KiwiFace March 28, 2010
151 126