A word used to describes someone who is super sexy with a killer smile.
Everyone loves momo beceause she's freaken smexy. She even makes Cheng fall for her. waaaaaai!!!(waaaaaaai claps and jumps up and down)
by Cheng Zhao April 25, 2008
Sexy, but in a more personal way. Like cute and sexy.
While someone might say "She's sexy" she could be fit and pretty, but saying "smexy" adds cute.
by chibi-suke January 15, 2008
It means someone or something is mad sexy.
Person 1: Did you see Harry Styles' ass?

Person 2: Yes, he's smexy!
by The Word Girl February 01, 2014
A very lazy way to say smart and sexy. Smexy is a conjunction of those words. It takes the Sm from smart and the exy from sexy.
Shaniqua got an Honor roll! I knew she was sexy but never knew she was smexy
Damn that girl in calculus is mad smexy
by PrettyBoy November 18, 2012
Description for a person or thing meaning both smart and sexy.
Wowsers! Look at that Peggy...hot and brainy too! Man, she is ever smexy!!
by YesMeLIkeyTheSexyTime October 04, 2012
Someone who is smart and sexy, ie: not chav. SM = smart. Exy= sexy, but with the S from SM :) Also a UK adult site selling sex toys.
Woah, look at him, he's a smexy so and so, I think I might have to shop at smexy and buy a vibrator. Hahaha! :)
by limpydizkit December 06, 2011
The way stupid fuckers say "sexy". If someone says "smexy", there's a 99.9% chance they have no social life.
Jon8556: lisa ur smexy
Lisas3xybby1: ik i am so smexy
Pickle_Feet: What a bunch of oders, get out of here you GODDAMN MONGS.
by Pickle_Feet August 16, 2011

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