A man that is sexy can be called "smexy."
Man, that guy is smexy.
by lildzippedice August 30, 2013
me me me me me me me me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is not helpful
me is smexy
by moi4441 December 15, 2012
A very lazy way to say smart and sexy. Smexy is a conjunction of those words. It takes the Sm from smart and the exy from sexy.
Shaniqua got an Honor roll! I knew she was sexy but never knew she was smexy
Damn that girl in calculus is mad smexy
by PrettyBoy November 18, 2012
Description for a person or thing meaning both smart and sexy.
Wowsers! Look at that Peggy...hot and brainy too! Man, she is ever smexy!!
by YesMeLIkeyTheSexyTime October 04, 2012
A twelve-year-old girl's way of saying "sexy", as she is still uncomfortable using even minor cuss words.
"omg he is sooo smexy"
by dokibaku June 24, 2012
A way of saying sexy, but without any committal. Usually used between friends of opposite genders as a joke.
Girl: You're very smexy, you know :P
Boy: I know. So are you.
by FerryMan December 29, 2011
Mark Smith
by starlight235 December 10, 2011

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