A twelve-year-old girl's way of saying "sexy", as she is still uncomfortable using even minor cuss words.
"omg he is sooo smexy"
by dokibaku June 24, 2012
When something/someone is so good you gotta say "mmm" in the middle.
"Ooo...That boy's so fine he's smexy."
by strwberry_19 August 12, 2011
Used to avoid word filters in chatrooms or messageboards that screen the word "sexy".
(In a kid's chatroom)

Cassie: OMG! Did you see him? He looks smexy tonight!
by Sephellia August 27, 2006
some sexy; that animalistic attraction that naturally draws you to someone to the point of wanting to jump their bones the second you lay eyes on them; some people have it, some don't
Wow dude, check her out, now that is just smexy!!
by dj_nafi May 30, 2014
Description for a person or thing meaning both smart and sexy.
Wowsers! Look at that Peggy...hot and brainy too! Man, she is ever smexy!!
by YesMeLikeyTheSexyTime October 04, 2012
1. Being both smart and sexy
2. Being beyond sexy
3. Being both sexy and Mexican
4. Both being sexy and possessing smarm
That biker guy is so smexy!
by Aderyn W. May 16, 2011
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