To be sexy by being smart
You are so smexy!
by dieppechick November 06, 2008
Used to avoid word filters in chatrooms or messageboards that screen the word "sexy".
(In a kid's chatroom)

Cassie: OMG! Did you see him? He looks smexy tonight!
by Sephellia August 27, 2006
some sexy; that animalistic attraction that naturally draws you to someone to the point of wanting to jump their bones the second you lay eyes on them; some people have it, some don't
Wow dude, check her out, now that is just smexy!!
by dj_nafi May 30, 2014
1. Being both smart and sexy
2. Being beyond sexy
3. Being both sexy and Mexican
4. Both being sexy and possessing smarm
That biker guy is so smexy!
by Aderyn W. May 16, 2011
To be smart and sexy at the same time.
That college girl is pretty smexy.
by urjealouslol September 02, 2010
An annoying term mostly used by thirteen year old girls talking about their "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" on a picture comment on myspace about how "sexy" they are.
"smexy buttt lol i own ilyyy"
by sockersweetie3 July 22, 2009
Someone who:
has muscles
loves science/school
has a killer smile. not one similar to the joker's.:D
is tall
My boyfriend Earl is so Smexy.
by Lili33 December 30, 2008

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