Term used for people who are Smart and Sexy.


Cos' not all sexy people are smart. Well all know that now don't we?!
"I love Jenna's glasses. They make look so SMEXY!"

"Sexy with them off, SMEXY with them on!"
by R0538uD November 23, 2012
Cute way of saying "sexy."
I always talk with my smexy girlfriend!
by Pwnagesince1337 July 10, 2008
a combination of smart and sexy
Chris Letrong is smexy as hell
by Stopher XP August 07, 2008
A type of blanket in Switzerland.
Me: "would you like a smexy to keep you warm?" My friend: "Yes, hand me a smexy."
by treatyehiyfdiau March 20, 2012
A sexy mexican or a smart, sexy guy or girl.
Hannah: OMG, Juan is so hot!
Sarah: Your so right. He is very smexy!
by DJ Premiere May 08, 2009
Attractive in regards to intelligence and physical beauty (Comes from "smart" and "sexy"); -ier; -iest; See also: "Smeautiful"
The librarian's glasses made her look smexy.
by Curtis Meyer March 13, 2008
some sexy; that animalistic attraction that naturally draws you to someone to the point of wanting to jump their bones the second you lay eyes on them; some people have it, some don't
Wow dude, check her out, now that is just smexy!!
by dj_nafi May 30, 2014

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