A german manufacturing brand of whitegoods such as fridges and oven who chose to deminish their marketing potential by way of using a name meaning semen in the western world.
Sequioia: i would like to buy a new oven.
Salesman: i reccomend this one-Its got Smeg on it.
Sequioia: who would do that?
Salesman: i assume some guy in the German factory.
Sequioia: ah, i thought it was only us women that orgasmed on washing machines during spin cycles......

Salesman: thats not what i meant- can i interest you in a new washing machine?
by rockmiester October 11, 2012
A St Margaret's Girl. Can be recognised by vibrant yellow bands on her blazer. She may carry a piece of paper which reads 'In need of a dance date', as SMEGs are very unsociable beings and do not come into contact with the opposite sex on a regular basis. Usually, their Facebook friends list consists of all female friends and, sometimes, one male - their father.
Person 1 (Pointing at a girl) - "I didn't see her at the party last night."

Person 2 - "...She must be a SMEG."
by owl410 October 04, 2011
A made-up word used in the old TV show 'Red Dwarf.'

Used like a swear word, but didn't cause offence because it doesn't mean anything.

Sounds pretty funny if dropped into conversation.
Guy 1: Oh smegging smeg, you're such a smeghead!

Guy 2: Er, what??
by LalaRainbow January 27, 2009
A very versatle swear word which can be used for many things.
smeg off,jerk!
you smegging idiot!
you smegged things up again!
you smegging smegged up smeggitying smeg head!
by El Grande September 02, 2003
Smeg comes from the word, "Smegma" which is a thick, cheeselike, sebaceous secretion that collects beneath the foreskin or around the clitoris. It's the same as, "Dick-Cheese".

It is used by guys as a slam against other guys.
You are a smeg-head!
by ChessShadow July 05, 2010
Insult, curse/swearword. Popularised by the character Lister in Red Dwarf. Derrivetive of the word Smegma meaning cock cheese.
"What a smeeee. What a smeeeeee. What a smeeeee'eeeeeeeeeeeeeee" ~ Failed attempt by Kryten to you it in reference to Rimmer.

"Smeg off" ~ Common/favorite use of it.

I'm a little mouse named Keith,
I circumsise men with my teeth,
I don't do it for leisure,
Or sexual pleasure,
But just for the cheese underneath.
by BaldurHW January 10, 2009
Its also a make of really crap fridges and cookers, they only last about 4 mins
Do a search in currys or dixons... in fact any kitchen appliance outlet
by xentrix01 April 08, 2005

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