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A very versatle swear word which can be used for many things.
smeg off,jerk!
you smegging idiot!
you smegged things up again!
you smegging smegged up smeggitying smeg head!
by El Grande September 02, 2003
24 27
Smeg comes from the word, "Smegma" which is a thick, cheeselike, sebaceous secretion that collects beneath the foreskin or around the clitoris. It's the same as, "Dick-Cheese".

It is used by guys as a slam against other guys.
You are a smeg-head!
by ChessShadow July 05, 2010
4 8
1. liquidized crap

2. dried/crusty semen
1. Wayne Buckley is a smeg head (see Wayneth Buckleus)

2. Wayne Buckley has a smeggy chode.
by bread infection November 22, 2009
0 4
A group of young teenage males that dress like wankers, have bizarre "fashion" haircuts and usually was their legs. Usually loud and boisterous.
"look at that smeg over there"
by pandammonia August 24, 2009
1 5
When someone wanks off or has sex white liquid is produced.
I have smeg all over my trouseres!
Don't Smeg on me
by Chris:CWHS January 13, 2006
1 5
(n) Acronym.

1. Social Media Expert Guru.

2. Social media professional, advocate or evangelist, particularly one that tweets, blogs or attends social media related events/conferences

3. A self-declared expert in the emergent world of social media, as evinced by their exciting PowerPoint presentations and super-slick videos using the latest in motion graphics, Really Big Numbers(tm), and that Fatboy Slim "Right here / right now" song.
1. "Is it ethical for a #smeg to delete a #smeg worthy tweet because it makes them look like a dickhead?"

2. "As a good little social media expert, I just snaffled it for myself."
by agronnymous July 15, 2010
12 17
Insult, curse/swearword. Popularised by the character Lister in Red Dwarf. Derrivetive of the word Smegma meaning cock cheese.
"What a smeeee. What a smeeeeee. What a smeeeee'eeeeeeeeeeeeeee" ~ Failed attempt by Kryten to you it in reference to Rimmer.

"Smeg off" ~ Common/favorite use of it.

I'm a little mouse named Keith,
I circumsise men with my teeth,
I don't do it for leisure,
Or sexual pleasure,
But just for the cheese underneath.
by BaldurHW January 10, 2009
11 16