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hot, sexy, well put-together; usually used to refer to a person's general appearance
Damn girl you lookin smat today!
by chica January 12, 2005
4 4
A sneaky fatty.
Some one who is fat but is very sneaky about their it by wearing big clothing, or by having a thinner face than their body size that you would never know they were fat.
Pat is such a smat!
by Turnerstef May 23, 2010
1 2
Describes an intelligent person who finds him/her self caught up in unintelligent situations.
Brad is smat, he aces his exams then goes to a bar, gets hammered and starts fights, which he never wins.
by Ben Dover CMIX March 12, 2010
3 4
a hat that covers only part of the head. Also know as a semi hat.
May Meredith you look quite fetching in that smat .
by Smelly kb February 02, 2009
1 2
So Mad At That. Used when beyond angry.
Friend 1: I came home from work and caught the milkman banging my bitch.
Friend 2: Ohhh shit! Are you SMAT?
Friend 1: I am so SMAT! I loved that dog.
by CarKat August 04, 2007
8 9
Adjective used to describe someone of marked intelligence who lives in the North East United States.
Me and my buddy Mike took a history test on the Boston Tea Party. I got a 75% and he got a 93%. He's wicked smat.
by Jordan February 23, 2005
9 10
Super Major Awkward Taco

this word is usually said when there is a really awkward situation and there is nothing else to say
Guy: "By the end of this week i'll sit on your lap and we'll be comfortable.." (awkward silence)


Guy #2: SMAT
by Tap Dancer Farmer Boy August 17, 2011
1 3
when somebody looks so incredibly sexy and cool you just want to smack them in the face.
Example 1 -

Girl 1: Did you see Alex today? Her outfit was totally smat worthy!

Example 2 -
Girl 2: Elsie's outfit was totally smatting today. I mean her shoes made her legs look HOTTT!
by Alexawesomeness July 25, 2010
0 2