(adj) Describing someone/something being smart, smart in nature. Ironically uses incorrect grammar. Usually used in an informal or joking fashion
"The girl read her smarticle answer outloud to the class."
"That was quite a smarticle maneuver, he thought."
by Matchless May 07, 2007
The defintion for the word smarticle is a brainy person. So if you're smarticle good on ya haha!
"Hey do you know how to spell encyclopaedia?"

"Yeah. That's easy. It's e-n-c-y-c-l-o-p-a-e-d-i-a."

"Thanks! But how did you know that?"

"That would be because I'm smarticle!!"
by Tayla B July 11, 2008
anyone or anything that is smart and/or clever; These are the people who will be your overlords someday
"Wow, I didn't know that I was supposed to use the quadratic formula there, you're smarticles!"

"I know, now bow down to me
by Warhawk_825 November 18, 2009
When someone or something is so smart that there is no word to describe it.
Dude, I am like sixteen times more smarticle than you are which makes me a god.
by Ashkan Kiani September 10, 2008
A highly contagious disease that smart people catch from watching to much educational television, and reading too many dictionaries.
Example 1:
Billy:"Did you that that the earth is traveling around the sun at 107,300 km/h and-"

Everyone else: Oh my God! He has a case of the smarticles!.. RUNNNN!!!

Example 2:
Watching Jersey Shore, or listening to Justin beiber is a surefire way to cure someone of the Smarticles.

Example 3:

Susan: Watcha doin'?

James:Watching this new documentary about grass growing. It's really facinating. Did you know that grass grows a whole thousandth of an inch every 15-20 minutes?



Susan: *pokes forehead*

Susan: Looks like somebody's got a bad case of The Smarticless... O_o

Susan: *Takes remote away and changes it to Jersey Shore*
by ~~Hoopla!~~ March 08, 2011
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