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1.The act of being smart; acting smart.

(Also to be used in sarcastic conversation.)
1. Stop acting so smartical your making me feel stupid!

(Oh yeah that was smartical.)
by BHS Guardie September 12, 2006

To describe someone who is amazing, very intelligent, talented, handsome, awesome, the coolest, charming, the best, great, remarkable, outstanding, fantastical, unbelievably wonderful, extraordinary, incredible, phenomenal, and just all around breath taking.
Zeke is the most smartical man I am lucky to know!

There is no one who is more smartical than Zeke!
by I love my ku'uipo! (: July 28, 2008
to be smartt. a.k.a. a genius. (smartt ass)
Desirae is one of the most smartical 8th graders.
by Dorkis D. January 03, 2007
A level of smartness that is unreachable. What the 'smartical' doesn't realize, is that it is a level that is extremely LOW! Shh!
"I'm smart."
"I'm smarter."
"I'm the smartest!"
"Well . . . I'm Smartical!"
by sexcgtmami2 January 11, 2009
A: In reference to having multiple smarts in your head, as related to the brain cell.

B: A collection of smarts in the cranium.

C: One being of sound mind.

See also: Smartical, Smarts, Brain,

Note: Often used in sarcasm.
"If you hit your head on that wall again you're going to lose more of your smarticals!"

"I do have smarticals! I ace all of my classes!"
by Torphius March 07, 2009
a person who thinks there smart but isn't
I think i am very smartical
by Caitlin Gibas January 11, 2009
Ok, first of all, all of these definitions are wrong. The REAL definition is: "smart i call myself" squished into 9 letters.

I know this because I made up the word when i was in 7th grade for a school project. We had to fit a word or words into 8 letters (we were making lisence plates). Then I made "smrtical" which is "smartical".

Sorry, I just HAD to clear it up. :D
You can still use it the way the other people where putting it:

Person 1: ur so dumb.
Person 2: smartical bitch.
by CORRECTORRRR September 26, 2009
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