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A word describing someone who has consumed too many Energy Drinks and has demonstrated at least one of the following symptoms:

Wobbly stature, Inability to focus on one thing longer than three seconds, Blurting random phrases or groupings of words that don't make sense, play by play commentary spoken to no one in particular, complaining that everything they see is in a light shade of (insert colour here), cursing the television remote control's family, speaking at rates too fast for the human ear to decipher, having blood-shot eyes, peeing in the colour of the liquid they're drinking, start talking to people that aren't there, have hallucinations, or show signs of general hysteria.
"Dave was so Enerdrunk last night he went on a rampage about how VolksWagons are teaming up with Telitubbies to take over the world..."

"Man, I was so enerdrunk that my pee was green and everything I saw was in a light shade of blue!"
by Torphius March 07, 2009
A: The effect of watching an Assassin in a movie/Video Game or real life and becoming unreasonably ecstatic or aroused.

B: Gaining elation or sexual pleasure from the art of killing someone with great skill, stealthily and/or without the victim knowing who it was that killed them.

C: Witnessing an assassination and becoming sexually aroused instead of frightened.
Person A: "Did you SEE how he lured him into the alley and then slit his throat without him seeing a THING?"
Person B: "Yeah dude! I had an Assassingasm! I think I need new pants..."

Boyfriend: -Sneaks into the room with black clothing and a knife and wakes up girlfriend-
Girlfriend: -Recognizes her BF, becomes aroused by his outfit- "You totally just gave me an assassingasm!"
by Torphius March 05, 2009
Verb. To laugh so hard that a person does one or more physical gestures that signal the person is laughing too hard and their body responds. Also known in slang as LMFAO, ROFL, and LOL. Resulting in either falling to the ground and rolling on the floor, tearing up, eye spasms, shortness of breath,
flushed face, the inability to speak because of the laughter, continuing a laugh when there is no air left in the lungs to support it (Appears as if they are having small dry heaves), slow movements, and general immobility and lack of quick response time to any outside variable.
"Dude. Ben had a Laughtergasm yesterday and couldn't get up off the floor for a good fifteen minutes!"

"Stop telling those Dead-Baby jokes or I think i'll have a Laughtergasm!"
by Torphius March 05, 2009
To experience epicocity through someone else. To live the epicness of a moment vicariously through others.

Epicariousness, Epicariously,

"Steven gets his hype by living epicariously if you know what I mean."

Dude 1: "So what happened then? Come on you gotta tell me!"

Dude 2: "Hey, chill man. Stop being so epicarious all the time! If you want to have a good story go and get one yourself instead of waiting for me to get them!"
by Torphius March 22, 2009
A: In reference to having multiple smarts in your head, as related to the brain cell.

B: A collection of smarts in the cranium.

C: One being of sound mind.

See also: Smartical, Smarts, Brain,

Note: Often used in sarcasm.
"If you hit your head on that wall again you're going to lose more of your smarticals!"

"I do have smarticals! I ace all of my classes!"
by Torphius March 07, 2009
A verb describing two unsightly people having sexual intercourse.

A combination of the word Goober, or Snot, which is hailed to be disgusting, and Frak, derived from Fuck, which would entail sexual intercourse.
Gooberfrak, Gooberfrakking.

See also; Gooberfrakker(s), Gooberfraks,
"Oh my god, I walked in on my parents Gooberfrakking on the couch! It was disgusting!!!"

Jock: "Hey there Nerd. I saw you get out of the car with your nerd girlfriend."
Nerd: "So?"
Jock: "Well? Were you getting some sweet gooberfrak going on or what?! -laughs and walks away-"
Nerd: o_o?
by Torphius March 11, 2009
a word used to describe something that is questionable and interesting at the same time. The word can most easily be described as someone saying "WTF is that?" and "Interesting..." at the same time.
"Yeah Bob, your sculpture of Clay Aiken made of bubble gum is... Winteresting..."

-Strange Guy- "I LOVE Dungeons and Dragons!!"
-Regular Guy- "Um, That's Winteresting..."
by Torphius March 05, 2009
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