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better than a dumb ass
1) omg. ur such a smart ass!!!
2) i no, but thats better than a dumb ass
by therynofromthefuture:O July 17, 2009
88 135
Someone who thinks that know it all.

what ma friend paul usually tells me hahahaha!!!
Paul says 2 me: u smart ass xD
by Mario91 January 08, 2010
24 73
1)a person who makes sure every word they type is spelled correcty so they can diss other ppl online for grammar, spelling and other mistakes

2)a person who corrects other when they make mistakes too but are too proud to admit it so they bag on u
1)Oh My God u idoit its "their" not "thier"

Smart ass: omg u moron ur such a fcuking retard, its pi not pie.
Smart ass#2: well its fucking not fcuking you noob.
Smart ass: shut up im smater than you.
Smart ass#2: smarter not smater.
by F10 for Porn November 09, 2008
36 87
thinking that is right but can't come into the situation.
I am a smart ass thinking that NA school district is over populated and should relocate some students to a seperate school and building and adopt them from the same town.

I am a smart ass thinking that NL doesn't deserve the students living in the Walnutport area or Northampton County while they suffer from shitty sidewalks and hurt in pain.
by YouNun December 13, 2009
8 61
an ass that can sit on ice cream and tell u wat flaver it is
Wat a smart ass i wish i had it.
by Andy Legge March 09, 2005
100 159
One who is smart, types regularly with decent spelling and grammar online, and doesn't think school is something that should not have existed.
me = smartass.
by dj gs68 July 23, 2003
58 117
some one who has a smart ass comment about evety single goddamn thing
i'm a smart ass you dork
by Kayla Jones October 24, 2006
77 137