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Mr Scally, that is the definition of a smartass. An unfunny, dick that thinks he can teach a class when he can't even stop his cancerous book collection and stop making his girls look like they have cancer. He is a total fucking asshole and all of the year something's agree with me, even the teachers. Fuck you Mr Scally, you're a dick.
Guess who's a dick?
Mr Scally, the smartass?
You're fucking CORRECT!
by somekidatschool August 14, 2013
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An annoying asshole who attempts to use sarcasm every chance that he/she gets.
Smartasses get on my nerves.
by SuperSonicX September 16, 2006
126 127
Kassie Martin.
It's like being a smart ass, except even more.
Smar Tass, its instead of being funny, you are super funny and a smart ass!
by bobbyfriend December 09, 2010
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someone who tries to pick holes in your logic.

these people have no lives, all they care about is looking smarter than others because they think it makes them superior.
Simon: "i suggest you come with a better solution next time because according to the theory of relativity you must be wrong."

John: "go fuck yourself, you smartass"
by Daniel Spencer January 28, 2009
65 71
The original meaning of a smart ass in common terminalogy is a person who "thinks they know" how to do or what to do and tries to inject their opinion or effort "thinking they know better, when they really don't.

A dumbass is a person who "doesn't know" how to do or what to do and tries to either inject their opinion or effort not knowing what they are doing.

Don't believe me as someone who has true intellect that is older then 80yrs and they can tell you I am speaking what they learned. I was young and asked many people who all were my grandparents age, I am 39 currently and I am said to have an old soul however that is a phrase for wisdom beyond my years. Meaning I collected knowledge form people quite q bit older to have an understanding of the true definition of words we have since lost our foundation and it would be nice to get it back or retain what little we still have here in the USA
Jeff gets a prefab item that looks simple to put together, the instructions are in the box, he puts it together before reading the instructions and has left over pieces, he doen't know where they go.

(when all else fails read the instructions Smartass)

Phil gets the same prefab item and instuctions, he reads the instructions and doesn't understand what the instrucions are saying and still tries to put it together and has the same left over pieces.

(when all else fails and the instructions are beyond your grasp ask for help Dumbass)

Jerry gets the same prefab item and instructions and follows the directions, he has no left over pieces when it is completed. He comments on Phil as a Smartass and Jeff as a Dumbass and says your both stupid. Therefore he is a Wiseass and a Jackass for the uncalled for commentary, with the smartaleck remarks.
by Grandpa Jones March 16, 2011
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Someone who tries to add an insult to the end of every sentence in the hope that people find him funny.
P: "You're a smartass"
R: "No, I'm not, you fucking retard!!!!!!!"
P: "QED"
by plasmafury March 28, 2010
8 19
an ass that has a higher than average intelligence.
one that exports money.
by Smart All Over October 04, 2003
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