a characteristic that is a combination of smart ass and sarcasm.
I have really had enough of your smarcasm attitude.
by Brandylion January 03, 2008
Top Definition
Exceptionally clever sarcasm.
by brian king July 10, 2003
A cross between the word Smart Ass and Sarcasm
Your smarcasm is hitting on my last nerve
by bosco wordsmith February 04, 2010
An amped up level of sarcasm, combined with being a smartass
"Way To Go! You're a regular Johnny Knox!" he said with smarcasm, when the other kid did a face-plant in a mud puddle after a record wheelie. (word invented by a nephew)
by muskrat lurv November 19, 2008
A combination of smart ass & sarcastic
Any more smarcasm from you & I'll kick your ass down the street
by Oldogfoto July 19, 2011
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