means getting head/fellatio from a male or female, another word for oral sex
Kim Kardashian gave Ray J them slurps in their sex tape.
by ace85 September 23, 2008
The act of slapping another person with a large pool noodle.
Aaron slurped Lauren until she cried, and admitted that he was her pimp.
by RickyRossTheBoss November 24, 2009
To lick a girl or suck girls insides.
I Slurped Jill up good.
by WOmanBAnger March 09, 2015
to eat and lick a very wet pussy. to swallow a girls orgasm juice
I slurped her
by clitlickericious November 26, 2008
To upload or download data, usually at a high rate of speed. Often used in slang to refer to illicitly gathering data -- that is, theft of somebody else's private data, trade secrets, etc.
I downloaded a new app, and it slurped all my data to some site in Outer Mongolia. Now some hacker knows my birthday, Social Security number and all my credit cards.
by s%mebody October 04, 2011
adj.: a female that gets around, has sex(including oral) with many males. usually has/had at least one STD and has been pregnant at least one time. thought of as easy, gross, used up, a last resort.

synonyms: slut, whore, hoe, triflin bitch, bustdown
Pshh, I never fuck with slurps.
by OfficerBenDover December 18, 2010
To sarcastically like something, usually if something goes wrong.
Dave: Did you get me more sprite?
Greg: No there's none left.
Dave: Fucking Slurp!

Alex: Dude, my ipod's full, SLURP!

Jeff: I got a D on my final, and it brought my final grade down to a C, slurp...
by Bobert is a hoss January 22, 2010
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