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means getting head/fellatio from a male or female, another word for oral sex
Kim Kardashian gave Ray J them slurps in their sex tape.
by ace85 September 23, 2008

A person who likes sucking big, fat, juicy dick. also used to mean that you are sucking them off, to be a kiss ass.
now more commonly used by high schoolers
person 1:first sergeant, you look handsome today.
first sergeant: thank you, ur a corpral now
Person 2: wow what a slurp
by Pv2. all day April 16, 2010
The act of slapping another person with a large pool noodle.
Aaron slurped Lauren until she cried, and admitted that he was her pimp.
by RickyRossTheBoss November 24, 2009
To sarcastically like something, usually if something goes wrong.
Dave: Did you get me more sprite?
Greg: No there's none left.
Dave: Fucking Slurp!

Alex: Dude, my ipod's full, SLURP!

Jeff: I got a D on my final, and it brought my final grade down to a C, slurp...
by Bobert is a hoss January 22, 2010
slurp is that good ass sleep you just cant seem to wake up from no matter what you do
that slurp got me thats why i aint hear the door
by ghostman.inc July 05, 2013
adj.: a female that gets around, has sex(including oral) with many males. usually has/had at least one STD and has been pregnant at least one time. thought of as easy, gross, used up, a last resort.

synonyms: slut, whore, hoe, triflin bitch, bustdown
Pshh, I never fuck with slurps.
by OfficerBenDover December 18, 2010
A slut that sucks more than one cock in a night.
That slurp sucked off the whole krew in less than 2 hours!
by Jumbie Boy September 26, 2006