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The practice of wearing only one of the iPod earbuds so you can also hear people talking. Considered by some perfectly reasonable, and rude by others.
Teacher: Sarah, put away your iPod!
Sarah: But I can hear you; I'm monopodding.
by 10labattj April 05, 2007
Pronounced as the cinnamon dessert "churro" without rolling the r, means penis.
(Commonly accidentaly used by gringoes who can't roll their r's, leading to hilariously wrong sentences.)
Will: The other day I ate the best churo of my life.
Everyone else: Dude!
by 10labattj December 30, 2006
To steal corporate data with an iPod by pretending to be downloading music when actually copying personal or financial data, intellectual property and other sensitive information from corporate PCs
"The idea of stealing corporate data with an iPod has gained so much attention lately that it's even been given its own term -- slurping."
Source: www.pcworld.com/
by 10labattj April 10, 2007

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