To be used when someone looks or has the features of a slug. Taken from the lovable character Slurms Mckenzie from Futurama.
Hey Slurms,

Ashley Clark your such a Slurms,

Get out of my house Slurms.
by Tezmosis February 01, 2009
Top Definition
A highly-addictive soft drink produced on the planet Wormulon. Has a mysterious secret ingredient.
Slurm--It's highly addictive!
by MultipleSifl September 28, 2003
a really tastey beverage consisting of vodka and mountain dew! or citrus drop mixed together in a pint glass for a refreshing and invigorating way to enjoy any vodka!...
"just made a fresh batch of slurm lets get trashed n talk politics ! yeah right ha drink some."

"just got some citrus drop and some vodka ........lets pop the drop and make some slurm!"
by slermin rhodes tobias January 20, 2009
This is not the correct definition for a "slurm" but its my own definition!

A slurm is a word to describe a males penis that is long and thick! Long like a worm and thick like a slug therefor it is a slurm! (Slu) being the slug(thick,fat penis) and (rm) being worm(long penis)
Did you see Chris's cock! He has a slurm! It looks so tasty!

Your penis isn't a slurm like mine!
by Eminem2k13 December 03, 2013
disorder, disturbance, commotion, to cause annoyance
''Stop being such a slurms.''
''You're being such a slurms, just get over it!''
by ten hairy toes December 04, 2005
someone who tries to get by without doing any work. Lazy.
John is being such a slurm today.

He has been slurming around the house all day.

Slurm of the month

Slurm is worm as sloth is to slow.
by Shar-ron August 14, 2008
like felching...the act of sucking jism out of your partners butthole after busting a huge wad in it
I fucked Mary in the starfish and dumped a huge load in her guts. I had a straw nearby and so I slurmed it....
by Headshok62 August 26, 2008
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