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A highly-addictive soft drink produced on the planet Wormulon. Has a mysterious secret ingredient.
Slurm--It's highly addictive!
by MultipleSifl September 28, 2003
241 20
a really tastey beverage consisting of vodka and mountain dew! or citrus drop mixed together in a pint glass for a refreshing and invigorating way to enjoy any vodka!...
"just made a fresh batch of slurm lets get trashed n talk politics ! yeah right ha drink some."

"just got some citrus drop and some vodka ........lets pop the drop and make some slurm!"
by slermin rhodes tobias January 20, 2009
25 8
To be used when someone looks or has the features of a slug. Taken from the lovable character Slurms Mckenzie from Futurama.
Hey Slurms,

Ashley Clark your such a Slurms,

Get out of my house Slurms.
by Tezmosis February 01, 2009
5 1
This is not the correct definition for a "slurm" but its my own definition!

A slurm is a word to describe a males penis that is long and thick! Long like a worm and thick like a slug therefor it is a slurm! (Slu) being the slug(thick,fat penis) and (rm) being worm(long penis)
Did you see Chris's cock! He has a slurm! It looks so tasty!

Your penis isn't a slurm like mine!
by Eminem2k13 December 03, 2013
0 7
disorder, disturbance, commotion, to cause annoyance
''Stop being such a slurms.''
''You're being such a slurms, just get over it!''
by ten hairy toes December 04, 2005
4 13
someone who tries to get by without doing any work. Lazy.
John is being such a slurm today.

He has been slurming around the house all day.

Slurm of the month

Slurm is worm as sloth is to slow.
by Shar-ron August 14, 2008
10 36
like felching...the act of sucking jism out of your partners butthole after busting a huge wad in it
I fucked Mary in the starfish and dumped a huge load in her guts. I had a straw nearby and so I slurmed it....
by Headshok62 August 26, 2008
7 40