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The Next-Gen version of Goldeneye

Timesplitters 2 was created by Free Radical, which included members from the team that created the N64 masterpiece, so no doubt this game feels like Goldeneye.

Badass Game
Make sure you get the Gamecube or xbox version, that way you don't have to spend 20-30 dollars on a Multi-Tap, though it doesn't matter what version you get.
by B_MAN December 08, 2004
To fornicate repeatedly until unconcious.
Shall we go back to my place for some skerplunking.
by B_man March 19, 2003
A dream come true to ddr fans that know about it. It's basically stepmania for xbox. Just make sure your xbox is modded (has a mod chip installed) and your dashboard is EvolutionX before trying it out though.
Man1: Hey lets go to the arcade and play DDR

Man2: I don't feel like going out, let's play StepmaniaX instead, i have every song from every DDR Mix

Man: Whoa!
by B_Man January 10, 2005
The word officer pronounced under the influence of ALCOHOL!
is there a lobprem Ociffer.
by B_man March 19, 2003
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