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(really an Chicago term)

1) means that the person u r lookin at has a BIG booty
1} "did u see Keesha booty?, she sluggin 2 damn hard!"
When a female gets sexually aroused by a person of the opposite or same sex to the point where they cannot control their vaginal fluids and they create a "trail" as they go about their day to day activities.
Susan thought Timmy was so hot in his manktop that she was sluggin' through the hallways at school.
by Dr. Paradox December 26, 2013
The unique skill of masturbating in a slug like movement or rotation on a floor, bed, or any flat surface.
The boys hands were so tired he reverted to (sluggin.)
by Ikinawa December 16, 2010
when you're being so lazy that you may as well be a fuckin slug
Holy fuck I'm exhausted, plannin' on sluggin real hard tonight.
by pumpshow March 16, 2013
A persons movements or lack there of the morning after a night of heavy drinking. lethargy.
I was really sluggin after last night
by bondoboy1463 January 02, 2011
The sexual act of a female dragging her wet vagina across their partner's stomach to their chest ; The female version of a "tea-bag"

"I tea bagged my girlfriend so she got pissed off and started sluggin"
by Kinkychaoz September 10, 2011
going really slow, lagging, etc
being sluggish
*the computer is taking 10 minutes to load the game* "Dam, this computer is sluggin"

"man, my car was sluggin in the last race"
by Daren Rock March 06, 2007
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