When you have sexual relations with a person after Joe has had sexual relations with them.
Joe Fucked Lauri, and then Kirk had sex with her.

Kirk got a Sloppy Joe
by Utahman123 September 10, 2010
You take ground beef, cook it let it cool down
And either give your bf a handy J or finger bang your girl
Dave: Dude my dick still greasy from that Sloppy Joe
Mark: Dude speakin of the Devil I gave my girl a Sloppy Joe
by BigDickJoe8=====D April 15, 2015
The act of taking a poop in a woman's vagina while on her period and then having sex with her therefore creating a sloppy joe with your poop acting as the beef and the woman's period blood acting as the seasoning.
A dirty girl enjoys a nice Sloppy Joe.

Annie wanted to have sex on her period, so I decided to give her a Sloppy Joe.
by SexWolf December 31, 2013
when two people have anal sex while one is constipated
guy #1: Fuck i made a mistake last night

guy #2: what happened?

guy #1: i had a sloppy joe last night

guy #2: wow you have some really bad luck
by Baron A June 03, 2010
vomiting on a dick while giving head

Background: Malcolm
My dick is so big, whenever a gurl gives me head, she does a sloppy joe
by Malcolm July 02, 2004
When a fat chick's pussy is so wet and cavernous that it sounds like fapping rather than sex
"Guess what!"
"I fucked your mum!"
"Yeah she is a real sloppy joe!"
by mehling August 28, 2012
Eating a girl out on her period and she orgasms so hard, she shits herself.
Nick: I will never eat sloppy joes again after last night.
by hamtojam December 07, 2011

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