You take ground beef, cook it let it cool down
And either give your bf a handy J or finger bang your girl
Dave: Dude my dick still greasy from that Sloppy Joe
Mark: Dude speakin of the Devil I gave my girl a Sloppy Joe
by BigDickJoe8=====D April 15, 2015
A fucking ugly dick.
Last night a dude asked me to suck his dick, but I told him no because he's got a sloppy-joe.
by Twitch1 January 14, 2012
When you are having sex doggy style, pull out and accidentally cum on the dog.
Oh shit, I just pulled a sloppy Joe.
by Tessalal November 25, 2011
When one person shits in between the ass cheeks of another. Then mushes the ass cheeks together.
Dude I sloppy joe-d this girl last night
by Webby-BIG C June 20, 2010
when two people have anal sex while one is constipated
guy #1: Fuck i made a mistake last night

guy #2: what happened?

guy #1: i had a sloppy joe last night

guy #2: wow you have some really bad luck
by Baron A June 03, 2010
a term related to oral sex for males, when a male is given oral sex in a sloppy manner.
wow i was expecting some good head, im so sick of these sloppy joes people are giving.
by ohcrapnospacebar November 03, 2010
vomiting on a dick while giving head

Background: Malcolm
My dick is so big, whenever a gurl gives me head, she does a sloppy joe
by Malcolm July 02, 2004

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