Eating a girl out on her period and she orgasms so hard, she shits herself.
Nick: I will never eat sloppy joes again after last night.
by hamtojam December 07, 2011
When one person shits in between the ass cheeks of another. Then mushes the ass cheeks together.
Dude I sloppy joe-d this girl last night
by Webby-BIG C June 20, 2010
The act of a women filling her mouth with chili or a meat sauce then performing oral on one of her male peers.
Ryan: Oh man she gave me a sloppy joe
Nathan: Delicious.
by Dopsonr September 30, 2011
A nickname for a friend who has had sexual relations with a girl after another friend.
Ugh, you fucked Megan too, what a Sloppy Joe!
by Pimp nasty funky ch-pimp June 23, 2011
The act of shitting on a girls chest and then mashing her tits together
Yo, my girl friend just let me Sloppy Joe her!!
by crazyj237 April 12, 2011
When a southern tonk goes flaccid for no reason before sex.
Nope his dick did a sloppy joe.
by Old Grit March 27, 2011
When two girls are scissoring and their beef touches
Guy: You think those two girls got their sloppy joe on last night?
Guy 2:They're roommates, those beefs were touchin all night.
by cunt burger 2 January 24, 2011

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