A slooshy is having sex with your (girlfriend, mistress, wife) while she is on the rag.
Hey dear, let's go do the dirty wambo. I can't honey, I'm on the rag. That's okay, just toss the towel on the bed and we'll have a slooshy. It's all good.
by benighse December 20, 2009
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to hear
I slooshied that new song on the radio
by Bungalow Bill December 21, 2001
the sound of water in your shoes
my shoes were slooshy after i swam in the ocean with them on
by Qwerty April 21, 2004
Usually used to express the fact that someone is a complete lunatic.
Joe: Damn that girl's slooshy!

Bill: Yeah, look at that crazy sloosh!
by fubzyy December 22, 2014

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