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A political philosophy that a Republican can do no wrong even while doing terrible wrongs.

A Republican who espouses that he stands for Family Values while having an adulterous affair; who advocates he is godly as a Judeo-Christian while claiming no other religion should be considered of any, let alone, equal value under law; who believes in Fiscal Responsibility while spending like a drunken sailor; who espouses support for the Constitution while ignoring personal and privacy rights guaranteed therein; who says we should not be the world policeman while advocating preemptive war; who concludes America stands for liberty and freedom except for every other American that he disagrees with and their liberties and freedoms; and who claims to have personal intelligence while conversing with others as if he were an absolute idiot.
My Republinut friends do not let common sense or reason get in the way of their foolish arguments.
by benighse July 01, 2009
Political serendipity by a person named Sarah.

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated.

Sarahdipity is the political effect of a Sarah accidentally stumbling around on the political stage while spouting unrelated babble, platitudes and winking.
My Joe Sixpack background qualifies me to run as a silly republican; and look, I got a $million dollar book deal-Is this Sarahdipity or what?
by benighse November 19, 2009
A story and result of an elected official's extramarital international affairs. In U.S. political sex lore, commonly associated with a South Carolina governor on a quest for marital redemption, who instead finds a path to adultery, infidelity and world confession.

A political Cad story making a mockery of Conservative Family Values as the founding doctrine of a Republican politician.

The press interview of a male slut after an international vacation.

Political hypocrisy with a sad apologetic face and a happy penis.
"Hey Joe, let's grab some brewskis and ask our lovely wives if we can go on a South American vacation to come back with our own Argentinean tales of Argentinean tail."
..."No Max, that's for politicians, I prefer to keep my truck, guns and trailerhouse without fighting over them in the divorce. And that's my Argentinean tale / Argentinean tail, and I'm sticking to it."
by benighse June 27, 2009
Statements of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the Democrat saying it; the naive fantasy delusions of misunderstood musings by misfits in a political discussion of current reality to the Republican hearing it.
I always listen to the democralogical comments of my friends, but as a Republican, they go directly to the wastebasket in my brain, never to be repeated in polite company.

If my Republican buddy's brain wasn't made up entirely of a wastebasket, he'd understand, accept and follow my democralogical ideas to join the world community in a positive way.
by benighse June 27, 2009
Digital lipstick on your collar is the email, text or google trail a foolish stud or mistress leaves each other from a sexual dalliance as they talk dirty or set up appointments which can be found later to embarrass all involved when they go public.
My goodness Tiger, did your wife find the digital lipstick on your collar from my sex text to you on your iPhone? If the check doesn't clear, my lawyer and publicist have my copy to supply to the scandal sheets as well.
by benighse December 09, 2009
Palintologist: Like Sarah, a person who finds a belief in creationism is a complete and proper substitute for science.
Sarah, as a renowned Palintologist, is clear that humans did not evolve from dinosaurs, or any other pet species. Noah simply didn't have room for the dinosaurs on the boat, so he buried his pet dinosaurs for later generations to find and wonder why the heck they didn't survive with him. And if Moses hadn't dropped and broke the second slate of Commandments, we would have seen that the real 11th Commandment was "Thou shalt bury all your pet dinosaurs because they won't fit on Noah's boat." This will all be fully explained in her next Palintologist psuedo science book, which should not be burned.
by benighse November 20, 2009
A United States Senator who has defined his legacy based on an illicit sexual relationship for which he was caught while in office but did not resign.

Usually, a Senator who publicly espoused an exuberant commitment to "Family Values" and the religious equivalent of a commitment to marriage vows, but who got his private priorities and private parts mixed up and was involved in sex escapades with another.
The continuing saga of Sexator John Ensign, arising from his sexual involvement with his wife's best friend, expands almost daily with more leaks and stories from his political cohorts that lived with him at the C Street Fraternity.

Sexator Ensign is proud of his public support of the "Protect Marriage" bill even though he didn't have the strength of character to protect his own from his personal infidelity.
by benighse July 23, 2009

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