A very sleazy/sloppy person. A dirtbag or a sleaze ball.
Hey Look at that guy sellin drugs to kids! He is a sloop
by applebandit June 01, 2006
1. The space between the start of your butt crack to the butthole.

2. Opposite the gooch; the butt crack's gooch
Man, I itched my sloop and it stank real bad.
by doodooking13 June 25, 2012
Guy: man, he slooped all over the couch at the party last night!

Guy 2: nasty, bro! clean it up!
by murrryyy marffyyyyy December 20, 2010
referring to one who sneaks and is constantly lurking
Yo you see dat nigga right dare? Dat nigga's a sloop
by godzzola November 18, 2010
To hang out; To chill.
Hey dude, lets sloop.

Hey man, wanna sloop later?

We haven't slooped in forever!
by Waukee2012 September 11, 2009
the odd facial retardation that varies in severity amongst approximately 25% of the gay male population.
"wow, jared is so homosexual"

"how do you know?"

"did you notice his sloop face?"
by mikedipi January 14, 2009
The disgusting sound that you make with your mouth when you're eating anything from the raw bar at a seafood restaurant, especially clams and oysters. A combination of a vacuuming, slurping, and crunching sound.
To really get at all the meat in an oyster, you have to give it a good sloop.
by pentozali December 26, 2007
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