An undefined curve on a roadway.
We drove around a sloop.
by Brian Vance July 28, 2006
1:n. Sperm that pours out of the anus of a woman. Often after intense anal sex or rage-filled sex that involves a penis that is seventeen inches or longer. Often it is the consistency of toothpaste and a brown-gray color.

2:Slang refers to people who play more than five hours of video games daily
Man A: Yo I made some sloop yesterday with a whore.

Man B: Oh well I beat three of the fifteen video games I bought...

Man A: Fuck that shit man you're such a sloop bitch!
by Frank The Horney Giraffe February 26, 2010
a type of feces such as sloppy poop
yuck, uor dog just slooped on the floor.
by Skeg Smith January 08, 2008
A person who claims to be a Crip but in fact is not. A person who claims to be a Crip after listening to a few Snoop dogg songs and then Gangbangs on the internet but is never seen on the set.
Mike: Aye Cuz, you know that fool Tyrone over on 99th?

Jay: Gea man, That fool stay rockin blue.

Mike: Nah, Fuck that nigga homeboy he dont even bang that nigga is a Sloop
by Vic "V Locc" J. March 22, 2006
Thus is slippery poop
Sloop goes in the potty
by Donkey_donkey April 27, 2005
the sound of a prolapsed rectum going back into the anus
the prolapsed rectum slooped back into the ass
by jason dye May 15, 2003
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