1. The space between the start of your butt crack to the butthole.

2. Opposite the gooch; the butt crack's gooch
Man, I itched my sloop and it stank real bad.
by doodooking13 June 25, 2012
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A vagina that hangs open freely.
With all the guys you have banged, I bet your sloop cant even hold back a piss anymore.
by Adam Harigast February 02, 2005
a fore-and-aft rigged boat with one mast and a single jib
The sloop was moored to the dock.
by katie g March 20, 2006
The act of somebody falling asleep on the toilet during or after defecation.
Dick: Ah man he got so trashed the he slooped at the party.
Jane: Ah man, thats hilarious.


Historical reference: Elvis was slooping when he died.
by The Sloop Master April 21, 2010
a stoop that slopes down on an angle providing space for seating
Daniel sat on the sloop because there was no available seating.
by Halimah Harden May 27, 2008
To take ones hand in a semi-pinch and sweep away.
I just wanted to sloop it up.
by Djspin13 July 15, 2010
Guy: man, he slooped all over the couch at the party last night!

Guy 2: nasty, bro! clean it up!
by murrryyy marffyyyyy December 20, 2010
referring to one who sneaks and is constantly lurking
Yo you see dat nigga right dare? Dat nigga's a sloop
by godzzola November 18, 2010

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