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(slong'keh): noun
A cross between a sloth and a monkey, indicating monkey-like physical attributes as well as the slow-moving qualities of a sloth.
Often takes excessive amounts of time to perform simple, everyday tasks including getting dressed, eating, and walking and takes multiple nyaps throughout the day.
Several indications that someone is a slonkey include walking in an irregular rate pattern (stopping suddenly, speeding up, then stopping again), dressing in odd fashions (putting one arm through a shirt, sniffling, sitting down, putting on a shoe, taking a nyap, then putting the other arm through), eating very messily (eating with a fork but still getting food all over his/her hands and arms).
Prime example of a slonkey: CDG
by YaBoi K-Fa April 28, 2007
The mix between a slut and a donkey. Usually gets way too wasted and either starts to cry or be a belligerant slut. Favorite drink of choice is cherry burnetts. All slonkeys have incredibly annoying voices and love yonni k.
Emily: "Hey dub dee, your a slonkey"
Diane: "well roomie your a slonkey too"
by MeloMan May 19, 2007
a dick!
not many people like to underestimate their own slonkeys, only the ones of others.
by leopardhead December 12, 2009

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