referring to an uncircumcised penis. Very unsightly and most unfortunate to behold, especially when the tent it is pitching is kiddie sized.
"So we were going to go camping right? And he just started unrolling this tiny sleeping bag and I decided I didn't want to pitch a tent with him anymore"
by Yvetta von Kurtz September 27, 2011
Top Definition
A variation of the tea bag. The difference between the sleeping bag and the tea bag is a tea bag is usually announced or planned. The sleeping bag is performing the tea bag to an open mouthed sleeper unbenounced to the victim.
man that tall guy fell asleep in my jetta and i totally sleeping bagged him.
by Samuel Leblanc September 16, 2009
when performing cunelangus on an overweight woman, grabing a fold of her stomach fat and stretching it over your head.
I was able to wrap up in her sleeping bag.
by Chris April 18, 2005
2 percocet, and 1 xanax
2 Percies and a Xan; That's a Sleeping bag. I got 2 bad bitches in my sleeping bag. Finna suck me up, told that bitch let Migos smash; Boy don't test yo luck, turn the Venue to a Boxing match.
by OGColours June 14, 2016
A less explicit way of saying condoms.
"Hey, Tina, Can I borrow a couple sleeping bags? Its gonna be a good night ;)"
by MollyConnolly November 14, 2009
At the end of masturbating instead of ejaculating after orgasm into things such as a tissue, stray shirt, floor or stomach you stretch ones foreskin out and ejaculate into the foreskin like a sleeping bag then walk it to the toilet for drop dump.
I did a sleeping-bag last night it's convenient
by J busy October 26, 2014
When one sleeps on their testicles in a position that upon awakening makes the sac sore.
Last time I had sleeping bag, I could barely get out of bed!
by firerabbit November 10, 2010
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