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(noun) synonym for "vagina"
Friday nights I go out looking for snizz
by 420hitter February 21, 2003
(noun) during "doggy-style" you spit on her back to simulate cumming. She turns around and you cum on her face and shout "HOUDINI!"
It was like magic! he came on me twice in 10 seconds!
by 420hitter February 21, 2003
one thousand dollars
he said he could hook up a QP for a
box of ziti
by 420hitter December 04, 2002
a game popularized by Phil Hendrie.
You rate women based on how much alocohol/drugs it would take to fuck
pam anderson = 0 beers
your girlfriend = 10 beers
My girlfriend = 1/2 a keg
Hillary Clinton = heroin

by 420hitter December 04, 2002
(noun) an acronym for "Fat Upper Pooch
Area" Some women have a good body, but an excess amount of fat between their pussy and belly button. Gross indeed.
I was talking to this hot chick, then I noticed she had a FUPA. Talk about a dick shrinker!
by 420hitter February 21, 2003
basically you gag someone during
rear entry, produces vaginal/anal clenching.
bitches pussy was so loose i had to wolf bag her to get a good clench
by 420hitter March 08, 2003
some brass players have a problem with this. Oftentimes, a small mammal is
lodged inside the horn.
French horns, will you please remove
the gerbil from your fucking horn!
phhhthp phhthp phhtp phhthp ptp!
by 420hitter December 04, 2002
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