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6 definitions by SoberVoter

Dishonest. Media spin-meister. a Republican. George Bush. deserter
Only a liar would vote for George Bush.

Seeing that liar at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier make me want to vomit.

That liar has disgraced the office of President more than any other officeholder.
by SoberVoter December 03, 2004
264 240
Washington DC. A sacred and solemn burial site. Used to hold remains of unknown or unidentified dead military, but some have been identified using modern DNA. The site in the U.S. of the highest respect for the military people who have been killed in war.

Typically guarded by soldiers who can never drink alcohol, smoke, and must live to high standards.
If George Bush shows up, please vomit on his uniform.
by SoberVoter December 03, 2004
14 12
The Best reporter(s) Fox News can offer for unbiased news.
What a dumbass that reporter is for recomending George W. Bush
by SoberVoter December 03, 2004
11 33
from the Latin "Poli" meaning multiple, and "Tics" meaning blood sucking parasites.
Thats George Bush is a liar and deserter who likes politics.
by SoberVoter December 03, 2004
15 41
A liar deserter who can be elected President.

George Bush.
That sleaze deuschebag actually got elected President.
by SoberVoter December 03, 2004
78 114
Driving With Irish. Similar to DUI

Operating a motorvehicle with too much alcohol in ones blood.
Mike got a DWI while driving home from having Beer and Cereal for breakfast at the Boston Bar.
by SoberVoter December 03, 2004
21 80