5 definitions by modellingsucks

the surname of a very tallented, mad, queer(queer as Tom Waits or Nick Cave)music man. That Gogo Bordello guy really looks like him!
zappa da rappa da rap rap....
by modellingsucks July 31, 2006
the definition of the women in the sneaker pimps song lyrics; post-modern sleaze
She takes everything they take,
She must be a thelma or louise,
She must be a post-modern sleaze
by modellingsucks July 18, 2006
the level of your highness when you wear high heels. The word can only be used for women or men who like to wear womens shoes.
wear high heels experince legal high! It's all healthy!
by modellingsucks July 31, 2006
The very intelligant lady who always uses the phrase; "It's hot!" no matter what the ocation is.
Paris Hilton has a new Motorbike which says in her own voice "It's hot!" when you turn it left or right I don' t know!
by modellingsucks July 31, 2006
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