when you put a line through a tag or piece u think looks like dogshit/ or u hate them personally coz they stole ur drugs, beat u up etc to signify you hate them and their graff.
i slashed that tag coz its toy
by McGee May 11, 2004
Meaning: to urinate or take a piss.
-Back in a sec, i need to go take a massive slash.
by Anthony Kitching October 11, 2004
one of the best guitarists ever!and hes frickin hot!
listen to guns n roses!NOW!
by * September 11, 2004
To moisten the anus before anal sex
Do not forget to slash before you have anal!
by bigsmallsack July 29, 2014
when an aussie tradie takes a shit.

A common sex ritural. (lick lick :)D
Oh mate, i'm just going to take a slash, just cover my wall for me would u?

Lick lick cick lick lick
by domsta123 May 15, 2011
Howard Stern's twin brother. One of the greatest guitarists ever, would have an even greater legacy if the singer from Guns N' Roses didn't suck.
Slash is the fuckin' man!
by Papsdatank September 23, 2008
Noun. A splash or quick unmeasured pour of liquor or other ingredient in a cocktail.
The drink calls for vodka with a slash of orange juice.

I had a slash of bourbon on the rocks.
by Scooter September 07, 2004
Can be a noun or verb.

When you wear a bathing suit, and your pubes are so long that they stick out the side of your suit onto your thighs. It looks like Slash's (guitar player) hair is crawling out of your suit.
So I look over and see Kath standing on the beach with slash between her legs!

Oh shit i forgot to shave, i'm slashin' it.
by the 1/4th slut July 11, 2004

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