In fanfiction, to 'slash' means to romantically involve two individuals (most often two men who share a lot of chemistry) of the same sex who otherwise present to their community as being strait heterosexual.
Dinozzo and Gibbs got it on so well in last night's episode, fans will want to slash them.
by Dianne67 May 14, 2012
to slice someone with one's hand by surprise
John Hall gets slashed everyday.
by Johnhallgetsslashed February 02, 2011
Another way of saying Slurpee or slush... usually used by rich kids in Miami.
Stupid movie theater charged me 15 bucks for some slash!! Ahhhh!! I hate them!
by ineedabettersn2 September 27, 2010
1. v. to talk badly about someone online. usually used for when petty girls do it to other girls.

2. v. to ruin someone's reputation by saying bad things about them

syn: trash talk, gossip
girl 1: did you see what she wrote all over that girl's formspring?

girl 2: yeah, she was totally slashing her.
by notthesituation. May 23, 2010
A pikey/cockney slang term for 'urinating.'
Fred - "Pull over here; I've gotta slash like a powerful horse.
by Ninjafleaslayer February 02, 2010
Northern Irish

Going to the toliet, Taking a Piss, Public Pissing, Pissing on someones property Etc
"Man i really need a slash!"

"Lad, did you just slash yourself?!"
by Slash on your face June 21, 2009
a slang word which means to piss
im off for a quick slash in those bushs over there
by lee cryton2 February 04, 2005

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