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When a loud farticle escapes a sleeping body at night unbeknownst to said body as it is deeply asleep.

"He was (slarting) so loudly next to me that I woke up and decided that I never wanted to sleep with him again"
by omidog November 01, 2013
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I couldn't sleep last night cause my mom kept slarting.
by Jungldbll December 26, 2016
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/noun/ N/ Slart, Slarting, Slarted, When a person or animal takes a shit; while seeming to be dancing and farting violently in the process.
The bathroom didn't get punished that way overnight, you certainly gave it a hard Slarting' Johnson.

Johnson, a public restaurant is no place for SLARTING, you’ve already sprayed a brown saucey coating over everyone’s food, and it tastes almost as good as last night's walrus wagina puree.
by xxx_WildcardWy@tt_xxx December 12, 2015
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