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Sexy Live Action Role Playing
Hey Baby, why don't you go get your broadsword and we'll SLARP it up in this bitch... magic missle! pew pew!
#larpping #slarpping #larp #sexy #roleplaying
by optikalsaint July 11, 2011
v. to get ever so tired, and thus nearing sleep, feel sensations tending towards snugging: slarping (to sleep), slarpy (sleepy), slarps (sleepiness).
(yawning) "Dearest, it's half past snuggle time, are you ready to slarp?"
#sleep #rest #dreamland #slarpz #slops #slipes
by Cat Palace December 22, 2008
The sound a wet cock makes when it hits a chick in the face.
the slarp from my cock hitting her face could be heard all through the quad.
by Anonymous August 06, 2003
To cup a fart with your hand and slap someone in the face.
"Dude, I just slarped Mike and he puked all over my shoe."
by Jimmy Jazz February 10, 2005
A pervierions of the word slop. Used to sexually describe a person. Generally regarded as more derogatory than slop or sloppy.
Kachinka has a really slarpy cooch, its positively festering!
by Amatt X. Graveus December 12, 2003
The noise that a slut makes when she slurps.
by Guy from Perry October 30, 2003
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