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usually referred to as "that guy" at a party or anywhere for that matter who just can't seem to say or do anything remotely intellectual or worth-while..
John: "hey baby, do have a mirror in your pocket?"

Betty: "what a slap-dick, get lost."
by Ikaika November 12, 2006
10 11
A game where two or more men put honey or other adhesives on their hands and take turns slapping each other's wangs.

The game goes on until someone's hand gets stuck on another's penis. He is then declared the loser.

The penalty must be decided before the game and could be anything from streaking in public to giving hand jobs to homeless people.

For the rules it is suggested that pube shots are not allowed.
K, guy, lets play Slap Dick, no pube shots!
by nyoung64 July 01, 2012
11 17
Someone who is equal parts dunce and douche-bag.

Someone who has nothing to offer.
I can't believe that slapdick George Bush was a two-term president.

Unless they thought I was a total slapdick, I should get the job.
by AmandaHugankiss April 23, 2010
39 46
1. Tha niggaz you hook up wit and shit
2. Everybody else that ain't me
say what the beat is cupcake hows work and every thing tell ya mom what up it was nice seeing her and stuff and it was nice seeing you to 

also tell ya slap dicks was up to but anyway ill fucks wit ya later 1 xoxox mauh
by Gabe & Ken August 12, 2008
3 14
an idiot, dumbass... someone who would rather slap their own dick, rather than give a fuck about you need them for
" Yeah, it's a good company, but there web designer must be a slapdick... site sucks! "
by XePhA88 July 30, 2003
36 58
A "slapdick" is simply that guy or that girl, who thinks he/she is all that. Some dude walks in a party with a fake tan, popped collar and acts like they know everything about everything, yet not one person there cares what they have to say, gives them attention or wants them there.
"Yo who brought that slapdick to the party?"
"What a slapdick"
by BNMA March 19, 2010
17 42
A pain in the ass. Lazy SOB. Who depends on GPS to get around and Makes most Mentally Retarded people seem normal.
Dana Nichlos , Joe Bob

Joe-Bob is such a fucking slapdick
by T Dizzle Boi June 22, 2007
15 47