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/kæs/ noun

1. abbreviate word for Kick Ass
2. a guy to fall for, speccially if you are a heartless zombi
3. spanish soda
1. "That thing is awesome, is totally kas"
2. "I luv brains, y luv Kas"
3. "Pass me the Kas and the spanish omelette, please"
#kick ass #fantabulous #xtraordinary #soda #handsome #hot
by elzombioriginal January 12, 2010
A person who is a G that is off-peak and safe.
yo FAM, kas u wanna hang out
#kas #fam #safe #ganster #off-peak!
by Fam does wat he wants September 14, 2011
Kool Aid Smiling. Subtle way to say that something is making you smile so big the whole world can see it. Especially if you've just had the best sex of your life!
Im so glad I hooked up with that guy I met last week! He really laid it down last night! KAS!
#good dick #good fuck #orgasm #satisfaction #happy
by Sunshine Kandi November 08, 2010
Kinky Ass Sex
Bobby and Jimmy whent into the bedroom for some K.A.S.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
A non-derogatory frape done when the fraper is too unimaginative to think of something funny or the frapee has too many business contacts, for example, as friends to be fraped in a bad way.
#lol #gay #frape #= #knob
by Puvi2Groovy November 12, 2011
a very shy girl.. but once you be friend with her, she is the most talkative girl in town!! a very cute young lady and she treat you with love and respect. love you girl.
she is such a darling, like kas.
#cute #shy #love #talkative #friend
by liaw June 30, 2009
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