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someone who talks alot of annoying shit..typically a northern irish slang word.
shut your trap you fucking slabber before i knock yer ballix in!!
by stuart March 16, 2004
To talk but make no sense, to 'talk shit'.
To drink or eat something.
What you slabbering about? Quit your slabbers. Slabber that down you!
by Croft Dale January 27, 2008
A person who rants on and on in a confrontational manner.

Usually a millie or spide credential.
She's a slabber, I'd just hit her a slap, that'll shut er up.
by Lemmalola June 22, 2005
Person who sits on the 02 Slabs all day and doesn't do anything other than yell and be obnoxious. Similar to a couchy, but outdoors.
Hey, tell those slabbers to shut up!

Guy 1: What do you think of that chick?
Guy 2: I don't know about her, she's a slabber.
by TheAmazinGreat May 17, 2007
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