(n) A variety or mixture of wax or concentrates, like a salad of waxes, dabbed at once.
Forget the dab, let me hook you up with a slab. I got you Purple Kush, mixed with Sour Bubble, and finished off with a Jack Herer. Fire up the torch and hit this slab!
by cgrockstar May 14, 2015

A term of endearment used by certain north New Jerseyites where the counties Morris, Somerset, and Union meet. Used to suggest a friend is massively lazy and unproductive, yet still a homie.

Also: Slabby (Adj.), Slabbyness (N.), Slabification (N.), Slabbify (Verb)
"What up, Slab?"

"That kid is such a slab its unreal, although he is getting his meat game daily at the gym down by rt. 22"

"You are the slabbiest slab I have ever had the pleasure to do nothing with."
by Yahee Brosef February 11, 2014
1 basing reasoning and argument on the premises of the following thinkers: de Saussure, Lacan, Althusser, Barthes.

2 used as 'ad hominem'.

3 (possibly pejoratively) saying someone is a postmodernist.
Ex. "You are such as Slab", i.e. "You are a fool".
by MPRosinski March 05, 2012
Easy to get; everyone done hit that.
That girl is the biggest slab I have ever seen
by foxcrazy55 August 07, 2011
Big nipples.
She had some slabs on er' tho for real
by ChakaKhan187 June 13, 2011
Sloppy ass bitch

A girl at the club already throwing up when just getting there

A bitch talking a lot of shit but ugly tho

A girl wearing a tight ass dress but belly looking like she just had a baby

A chick that think she look good but don't
Damn she a slab like shit already throwing up tho.
by candyj April 15, 2014
It doesn't stand for anything. A slab is a synonym for slut. Reffering to always being on her back like a slab of wood or cement. Popular among the urban population but slowly making its way around.
Did you hear about what stephanie did last night? She gave a birthday blowjob to a random guy then went and fucked her boyfriend. What a slab!
by Slabbyslab August 02, 2011
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